Statement of Truth

1. We are certain that the God of the Holy Bible is one in Triune, God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Creator of the heaven and earth. Genesis 1:1

2. We are certain that the Holy Bible having 66 books are the word of God and far enough, and capable of turning mortal man into an Immortal as Adam before fall, so as to fulfil the Purpose of God creating man and to bring this world to the biblical end and to re-establish his ever lasting kingdom of God.

3. We are certain that God created man by His image and blessed him to be fruitful, multiply and fill the earth. God instructed him, not to eat the fruit from the tree of the knowledge of Good and Evil but he disobeyed by the deception of the evil and become a sinner.

God didn’t give him a free will to choose between good over evil, but His relationship with man was that literal Father and Son, and it’s obvious a Father to expect his son to behave like him, and that man was supposed to be fruitful, multiply and fill the earth through Godly way but he missed out, and that there was an establishment of the kingdom of evil wherein sin played a vital role for the multiplication of families and filled the earth through a Satanic way which is exactly Sexual activities even in the bond of the wedding of this age or kingdom.

There is no place for the kingdom of evil in the garden of Eden, thus God send both Adam and Eve out of the garden though, God loved them and his love was continued unconditionally, God even came out of the garden of Eden to talk to them, and there was no relationship broken at any point in time. However, the subsequent generations have gone too far away from God to the extent that they can’t return to God by themselves, and that God by his eternal love and compassion decided to redeem them from the establishment of the kingdom of evil, and He gave His Only Begotten Son, the Lord Jesus Christ as a Ransom.

4. We are certain that God send the Holy Spirit to enter into the physical body of Virgin Mary and she conceived a baby and the Messiah was born as the fulfilment of the Promises of God to his Prophets. Isaiah 7:14.

5. We are certain that the terms ‘Redemption, Repentance, Renewal, Regeneration, Salvation, Born Again John 3:3, Psychic Re-orientation points to only one fact but explained in a variety of aspects. This is only possible by the Messiah/God, and we are certain if anyone go through the process of these any one then he would become like the Messiah in these 21st century and Finish what has been started by the Messiah through the Holy Spirit among the Apostles in the 1st century.

6. We are certain that the Result of Reading the Holy Bible or Believing in the Lord Jesus Christ is the Reception of the Holy Spirit into the physical body of a Person concerned, not reading the Holy Bible for a long time, not interpreting the Holy Bible for a long time, not believing in the Lord Jesus Christ for a long time or Remains as a Bible Reader or a Believer for a long time.

We are certain that the believer is not authorised to embark ministry for the Lord/God but only a witness of Jesus is authorised to embark ministry for the Lord/God in light of Acts 1:8, therefore, a believer should realise the need to become a witness of Jesus/God.

7. We are certain that the believer in God/Jesus is not saved but in line to be saved, he may not be saved, he may be switch over to unbelief or to an apostasy. However, this is the sequence of Positions as a sinner than a believer and thereafter become a witness of the Lord/God.

We are certain that the Blood of Jesus Christ is far enough and still valid to destroy the works of the devil that takes place in men, so as to redeem him from the bond of the kingdom of the devil. We are certain that Jesus, the only Son of God was brutally murdered on a Roman cross by His Own Jewish Peoples but the God of Israel resurrected him from death on 3rd day, and ascended to the heaven with an assurance to come back to the same place where he was ascended.

We are certain that Israel is always an Eye of the Lord/God, and play a vital role in the run up to the climax of the world but Israel is applied not only to the nation as a whole but also apply to an Individuals. Israel the nation was re-established after Two millenniums, and Jews around the world are being returned, however, return to the state of Adam prior to the fall is what a Biblical Israel is all about, that would be achieved only by the Witnesses of the Messiah, and shall be physically demonstrated in view of the whole world from JERUSALEM as part of the testimony of the Messiah as a climax of the second coming of the Messiah back to JERUSALEM.

We are certain that the witnesses of Jesus shall accomplish everything that’s mentioned in the Holy Bible, and until that happens no power can destroy the witnesses of the Messiah, Revelation 11:5. Neither cancer nor deadly diseases, neither accident nor a bullets in line with the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. John 2:19.

Key Scriptures:

  • Genesis 1:1
  • Isaiah 7:4
  • John 3:3
  • Acts 1:8
  • Revelation 11:5
  • John 2:19