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Who was Samaritan Woman to the Lord Jesus Christ?

hy did Christ particularly go to the village and meet Samaria Woman? Was Samaritan Woman an adulteress? Was that a low Profile encounter or Was that have profound facts? Was the Samaritan woman a scapegoat in the fight against the kingdom of darkness? Who was the husband of a Samaritan ...
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Two Witnesses – Revelation 11. Who are the Two Witnesses of Jesus?

Overview of the Holy Bible: God created Adam as a masterpiece of His creation but Adam failed or deceived, and that the world has become a world of ungodliness and the way of God to multiply, build a family and a generation was missed out. However, God spoke through various ...
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Work of the Holy Spirit

God of the Holy Bible is one in Triune. The Father, Son and the Holy Spirit have distinct roles to play in human history. The role of the Father is very limited as He gave all authority to the Son, the Holy Spirit is a great gift bestowed to man ...
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What is death & Resurrection?

Death is a sad moment that make us mourn whenever the loved one dies, but really what is death and how is it originated? Death means the physical body becomes ready for funeral and the end of life. Death happens due to the failure of the function of body organs. ...
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What is belief? Is a believer Saved?

Belief is something accepted as true without evidence, belief is an object subject to proof. Believe is a function that happens in the brain which is very complex and great organ in the body. Brain is the seat of the Spirit or Mind or Consciousness that’s sealed in it. Thus, ...
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What is Born Again? Why there is a need for Born Again?

Born Again is something literally born of God or a new creation or renewed or regenerated or psychic re-oriented etc., however, this is not possible by man but only through God. Born Again is needed because of the fact that the whole humanity was not born of God when they ...
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What is sin?

Sin is generally and biblically a disobedient to the commandment of God the Father. When Adam disobeyed the commandment of God, the first thing they realised was that they are naked and shameful that prompted them to have sexual activities which is contrary to the way of God for multiplication, ...
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