Who was Samaritan Woman to the Lord Jesus Christ?


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hy did Christ particularly go to the village and meet Samaria Woman?
Was Samaritan Woman an adulteress?
Was that a low Profile encounter or Was that have profound facts?
Was the Samaritan woman a scapegoat in the fight against the kingdom of darkness?
Who was the husband of a Samaritan Woman in the creation law of God? 
We know from the Gospel of John 4 about the story of the Samaritan woman, but the fact of the matter is that the Lord Jesus Christ knew her more than she knew herself and her family. There is a great purpose of God in the meeting and discussion with her, before I point out the profound facts, I would like to point out the purpose of creations in the Holy Bible.
In the beginning God created the heaven and earth, he also created everything in the heavens and in the earth, there are things that are not created by God, however, God created the plants and animals, and all of those creatures multiplied as it’s since the day of creation and continue up until now, an apple tree produces only an apple fruits, an orange tree produces only an orange fruits etc., Now, God created man by His own image and also a woman comparable to man. The bottom line is that COMPARABLE or FIT.
Therefore, even now men are born comparable to the women who were also born somewhere else in the world, as this is the law of creation of God and always working, but unfortunately, men were multiplied and divided by the religions, languages, colour, caste, and culture. Therefore, seeking a fiancée in light of the creation law of God has not been imagined by anyone, and that the work of the Lord God has not been noticed in any of the live projects and men have gone to the extent to claim that God doesn’t exists in the 21st century, however, here is the evidence for the work of God so as to understand his existence.
Marriage in the Ancient Jewish Culture:
Marriage is the sacred function in the Jewish families, having a marriage during the days of youth, and bearing too many children are considered as a blessings of the Lord God, and this aspect was there in the Jewish families for a longer time, since the days of Abraham and up until now. Those who do not marry during the days of youth are considered as cursed, nor blessed by the Lord God. There are laws in the Old Testament for marriage, divorce, and in all of these traditions, Rabbis play a prominent and vital role.
However, in the days of Jesus the marriage system in the Jewish culture taken a different turn, Jesus was invited along with his disciples to the marriage in Cana, Galilee, and it was a marriage in the house of the relatives of Mary, Jesus pretty well knew about his relatives, and particularly the young couple who are about to be married, thus he accessed both of them the brides and bridegroom easily, discussed about the gospel of the kingdom of heaven, and emphasised that “THIS AGE MARRIAGE” is something composed of sin which is the work of devil, and at this point both of the bride and bridegroom agreed, not to proceed with this age marriage. This’s what mentioned in John 2, that they have no wine which was symbolised as the marriage stopped, and later on it was known to the head of the house that they refused to marry due to the Son of Mary, Jesus had some talks with them, and they approached Mary and then Mary approached Jesus and said that they have no marriage, Jesus said unto her that my time has not yet come, thus Mary instructed the servents to do what Jesus asks and later on Jesus asked the servants of the houses to make arrangement for the marriage, and Jesus united both of them in “THAT AGE MARRIAGE” wherein there is no sin, sexual relations, and building families, but they share the gospel of the kingdom of heaven that they heard from Jesus with peoples so as to make people for the kingdom of heaven.
Thus, he changed “this age marriage” unto “that age marriage” as it has been written that Jesus changed the water unto a wine in John 2 as his first miracle.

Please note, sexual relation in the bond of the marriages are not considered as sin from the point of the Old Testament laws, but in reality, the laws of the Old Testament were given later on, and prior sin was introduced, and imposed on men, and that the Lord God gave laws, so as to sail on a troubled sea, and to pass and to reach an appropriate time to come. When Jesus embarked his ministry, he declared that the kingdom of God is at hand and repent. Therefore, the law of God in the Old Testament concerning the marriage is now revoked to the law of God spoken prior to the fall of man.

In Matthew 19:1-7, the Pharisees has asked questions concerning divorce, but Jesus didn’t talk about the law of Moses but goes further back to the garden of Eden, and revoked what the Lord God said concerning marriage. Therefore, marriage has to be based on, what the Lord God said in the beginning, not based on the Old Testament laws. Both husband and wife are in one flesh that doesn’t mean that they would become one flesh only when they are having sexual relations. 

If the same law is also part of the Judea Christianity, then that would be contrary to the ministry of Jesus who’s cure begins from the root of the problems, not just the part of the problems. Thus, marriage should happen based on the creation law of God prior to the fall of man. However, such a marriage is always destroyed by the adversary of God, and even now in the 21st century. Jesus said in Matthew 16:25. 

Yeah, there are people who lost their lives by an evangelical adventure to the fare away countries, they were people who have martyred as of early Apostles, they were people who have lost their lives by so many reasons but all of those are covered in the Matthew 16:25? Yeah, may be or may not be, but the issue here is, that the two syntax in this scripture have a correlation, “whosoever would save his life shall lose it: and whosoever shall lose his life for MY SAKE shall find it”. 

This’s what we are going to discuss in the life of the Samaritan Woman, how does the word of Christ in Matthew 16:25 played out in the lives of the Lord himself and the Samaritan woman?. As per the creation law of God, every man who is born in this world having a comparative woman who is also born in this world, the thing is that they would be brought together when an appropriate time comes, but only either of the one apply the creation law of the God in search of a fiancée. There is nobody has such an experience in search of their fiancée, that means nobody has applied the creation law of God in their search of a comparable fiancée. 

We know from John 4 that she had 6 husbands but none of them are her own husband, and why Jesus is interested to meet her that too in a different sect with whom the Jews never deal in any manner, especially in marriage with them? Samaritans are considered as untouchable by the Jews, and this woman was a victim of what her bridegroom was doing concerning the kingdom of God, and her bridegroom is nobody other than the Son of God, the Messiah who knew her when she was born, brought up in a different religious group, and going to be sexually trapped to the extent that she never realise that’s not her fault, but victimised by the wicked men she never knew but she blamed herself, and living in a society which was isolated her and her family. Though nobody knows that she had affairs with several men but her reputation was eroded, and that she comes to fetch water alone when nobody comes in the afternoon, however, she knew her situation and looking for the Messiah who alone could fix her issues, and this’s also pretty well known to the Messiah, and that’s why he choose to go to Galilee via Sychar and stayed over there which is odd to the Jewish customs. 

In 1993 while he was doing a business for the bread and butter, he came across a Christian believers who have a different doctrines and aggressively proselytising, and it was seemed to him as they were many denominations, but the doctrinal deviations are seemed so terrible, and there was someone who invited for the Bible study, and that’s where he realised the need to study the Bible extensively as a Result of more than three months studying and meditating the word of God, and one fine morning he felt in the head that there is a Spirit quenched and moving as a water wave moving from the point of stone when fallen in, and it continued few minutes to his shock, and he taken his hands close to the head and the Spirit slowly departing penetrating his hand and going away. He was so perplexed, and do not know what to think or what to do but firm in his faith on Christ as usual, and only hoped that there is something going to happen but not clear what it would be. On 22nd December 1993, by evening, he noticed his hair in the head seems so barren and dry, thus he applied an oil and felt discomfort while walking, and there was an unknown fear catching him up, and he realised that there is something in line to be happen, and the next day morning he came to the certain that there is an evil spirit working against him, and on realising he strengthened his faith further. 

Thus, he came to the usual bus stop little early to catch up a bus to go to his office, and in the bus stop they were several people waiting for the bus to come, and one among them was a young woman standing alone as he just saw but not precisely due to his thoughts were so occupied with a marriage that’s to happen in a couple of hours away, and in the meantime, the bus came and everybody ran to get on the bus, and the young woman just stepped up as an athlete to get into the front door and few gents has got into the bus and he reached to his office and the day was gone with so many thoughts and emotions.
The Two witnesses are Protected from worldly threats and deaths for the purpose to fulfil the words of Lord Jesus Christ. The mainstream Christian believers having a false doctrine and saying that the Two Witnesses mentioned in Revelation 11 were Prophet Elijah and Enoch or Moses and Elijah. There have been numerous false doctrines are spoken by the Christian believers, and when they recognise the Two Witnesses then they should shut up their mouths and such a time is not far away, and the world would change into the mode of the return of Christ and the climax of the world.

Adam and Eve were one flesh because of the fact that Eve was created by the part of the body of Adam, therefore, both of them are in one flesh, since they are one flesh it’s impossible to have a bodily sexual relations, and it’s not necessary to impregnate only through bodily sexual relations. The Spirit of God as the breath of life was breathed into the nostrils of man who became a living being and similarly, the Spirit of Adam would have entered into the body of his wife, and impregnated her as this’s how God became a man when the Spirit of God infused into the physical body of Mother Mary. This’s the way of God for multiplication but it was missed out by Adam and Eve.
“For my thoughts are not your thoughts,
neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord” – Isaiah 55:8.
Therefore, in the realm of God, there are no bodily sexual relations needed to impregnate a woman, and to bear children and to build a family. On the contrary, in the realm of the adversary of God, bodily sexual relations are needed, though it’s shameful, and that’s a reason sexual relations are being done either in darkness or in secret, whereas God is light and in him, there is no darkness at all. Jesus declared the kingdom of God has come, thus the kingdom of this world has to be ruined, and that’s why he targeted sin which is sexual activities even in the bond of the wedding. In all religions, sexual relations away from the bond of the wedding is considered a sin and immoral.
“For whosoever would save his life shall lose it: and whosoever shall lose his life for my sake shall find it”.
Most of the people in this world are not bother the creation law of God as one man and one woman relations in the marriage, they practice adultery, polygamy, rape and in some cases deceive the life of others by trapping young woman in the sexual enslavement as these people are enjoying pleasures of this world, but will lost their life in the eternal hell as the first part of the Matthew 16:25 talks, and another part of the same scripture is something profound, that says, whoever shall lose his life for MY SAKE shall find it. This’s very clear those who devoted and adhered to the creation law of God in day to day life shall live in eternal bliss but the issue is that, in this world they had to lose their life “those who LOSE HIS LIFE FOR MY SAKE”. How is it possible for someone to lose his life for the sake of the Lord?
In today’s world, devoted people pray to God for the comparable companion, in many families Parents arrange marriages for their children within their circle, within their caste, within their culture and society, a Christian only have marriage with fellow Christian families, A Hindu has a marriage only with a fellow Hindu families as this is what the practice of the ancient Jews customs, in many cases in live-relations are the reality in the western world, having sexual relations prior to the marriage as consensual are encouraged, in some cases knowingly or unknowingly they were comparable but do not know in advance, and some may be in coincidence and come together in marriage, and in all of these exercises, there must be  moral or immoral that depends on their affiliations.
Nobody has ever applied the creation law of God in search of a comparable companion ever since man fallen in the garden of Eden. Billions of People lived in the world and living now, but nobody ever imagined to build a life based on the creation law of God spoken prior to the fall, and only Christ invoked these laws to the Jewish lawmakers in his days. On the contrary, if anybody ever attempted to search a fiancee based on the creation law of God then his life would have ended up in lose.
How does that happen?
That would happen by the lose of his fiancée in the hands of a men who enjoys their lives by sexually exploiting the woman who have been born to a man who searched to build his life by applying the creation law of God. The Samaritan woman is one of such woman who lose her life which was supposed to be built with her fiancée, because of the fact that her comparable companion’s search by the creation law of God would have cost their life to be ruined. In the battle to build a life through creation law of God and the opposition from the devil, the Samaritan woman’s life became a scapegoat in the hands of the disciples of the devil.
This’s how Matthew 16:25 has been operated in the lives of a Samaritan woman and her male companion. Those who ruin the life of a Samaritan woman shall have to lose their lives in the eternal hell once the Lord returns as the first part of this scriptures says, and the second part is obvious, her fiancée shall live in eternal bliss because of the fact that he attempted to build his life for the SAKE OF GOD by applying the creation law of God which is not limited to his own life in the world but extended up to kingdom of God. Therefore he lose his life, and now who is the husband of a Samaritan Woman?
When anybody adapted the creation law of God prior to the fall of man then that would unite a different group of the peoples under one group. Neither Jew nor Gentile, neither rich nor a poor, neither white nor a block, no Hindus nor Christians, no Muslims nor Buddhists, all are same before the eyes of the Lord God.
John didn’t tell us her name but used a common name as a Samaritan Woman. She found Jesus as her bridegroom, and thereafter her life was never before. The Samaritan woman represents the whole sinners before the Holy God, Jesus. John didn’t tell further about her in any of his writings, but the Lord had a long discussion only with a Samaritan woman. She knew her bridegroom is in a great purpose for God as the Son of God going to be sacrificed for the sins of mankind.
If anybody ever applied the creation law of God in search of a life partner, then his life or her life is in danger as the devil never allow such a couple to come together in marriage, and here is the story of a man who applied the creation law of God in search of a comparable companion, and what happened to his life over a period of more than 40 years is given below, just to show how does the God of the Holy Bible works in such a man in the face of growing Atheism? So as to come to know God of the Holy Bible exists, and his Son, the Lord Jesus Christ is going to return to give a reward according to the works of everyone. This true story is verifiable by an investigation that involves different peoples, society, but the intention of this story is to make the world to know that there is only one God in three persons.
The Ship of a life wrecked in early years.
There was a poor Christian family having six children, the Parents were devout believers, living in a hill station, grown their children strictly on biblical principles, their elder son is a responsible person in the family since childhood, he goes to forests every weekend, climb up the acacia and other sorts of trees to break up the dried branches and make a bundle of firewood to carry several kilometres to his home for preparing food in the house. Once, his lovely grandfather visited his house, and stayed for some time to their happiness, fellowship, and leave, this tiny innocent boy loved him too, and after some time his grandfather was about to go back to his place where he lives as this made him sad, however, his grandfather knew, how to pacify his sadness and gave him a new 25 paise Coin which was worth to buy about 5 chocolates in his days, the sadness of the boy was departed, on his way back to school in the afternoon, he took the coin from his pocket and excited to its newness, thinking to keep this coin safely for a long time, not to spend, and while he was walking, unfortunately, it fell down and hidden in the soils as he tried to search out, but it was not found, and he reluctantly left to the school with more sadness.
Since it was given by his grandfather and a decision to keep it safe for a long time has been shattered, however, he forget as the time passes but the issue is that, after a gap of six months, one same afternoon while returning back to school, he came to the same spot and the remembrance came to him, and he just bend down and lifted up the green grasses that spread over there, the coin was there in a vertical position in the soil. He was so happy but the coin lost its newness and he went back to home, he tried to wash it with all available agents as much as he could, but it never retain its newness and it brought more sadness.,
Why did I miss?
Why do I get it back after a gap of six months?
Why didn’t I get the coin the same moment it falls down?
Didn’t I have enough skill to search it?
Is there any lesson for my life?
These are the thoughts resonated his brain, and the next day morning while he was going to school he took out the coin from his pocket, and throw far away to the tea garden with sadness, thinking that his ship of life has wrecked and forgot after some days as usual.
The Sunday school and the Story of Adam and Eve.
As time passes, when he was about 11 years old, his mother delivered a baby boy as his younger brother, thus he went to hospital from the school to see his mother and an infant brother, as he reaches the hospital his mother was brought out of the operation theatre covering her body and on seeing, he begun to cry thinking that his mother has died, and the woman attendant informed that she has undergone an operation and now is in unconscious and will wake up after some time, and consoled him as in those days only the hospital staffs take care of the inmates and there were no family members as all were usually goes to work in the tea plantations. As he was looking at an unconscious mother, and the sleeping baby boy in the cradle, his memory gone to the Sunday school story of Adam and Eve.
Why do my mother is suffering and what is the origin of it?
Why do women in the world are suffering?
What was wrong going on?
The Brain, the Contemplation and the Decision.
As the darkness approaches, he decided to walk back to the home from the hilltop hospital as both of them are sleeping, he thought that the devil deceived Eve in the garden of Eden which brought a great suffering during the childbearing, and another thought came to the mind at the same time, that they failed to obey the commandment of God which brought sufferings in the world, so whom to blame, either the devil or a woman? However, he thought that it’s not the woman initiated first, but only the devil initiated, therefore, he must blame only the devil, and at this point they were numerous conflicting thoughts came to his mind, and those are contrary to each other, and he was contemplating whom to blame, and there was a thought flashed to his mind if you think against the way the world goes then you would be in trouble, but at the same time another thought came to his mind, why should I go in the way of the world?
They were conflicting views in the brain, and finally, he stopped for a while and said to himself loudly that “when I become young and old I should see to its elimination as this system of childbearing comes from the devil who deceived Eve, imposed, and introduced”. He stepped down and walked fast to his home and slept in the night, it was 1978, July 19th.
During the deep sleep, there was a dream wherein he appeared as a young man in the age of marriage and he got married, the Bible was kept open beside him, and he was so sad and upset, his wife has appeared as his replica and beautiful, she was wearing a red collar saree, hairband in the head, having a lengthy shoulder bag and goes to office and comes home, even her name is known to him in the dream, she is from a Hindu religion, and she is from the different race. When he wakes up in the morning he was terrified, and worried if the dream shall come true or Is it truly come to pass in the future? This dream troubled a lot over a period of a weeks time and as usual, he forgot as the time passed.
The Accident that killed many and a Great Escape.
In 1983, he was studying in a high school, staying in a hostel, and after a brief home visit he goes back to the hostel by bus, and it was about a 100 km journey, and the bus was so speed as he was sitting in a first seat facing one of the sides of the driver, and beside him another two people were sitting, and thereafter a front door, and after that there is a long seat up to the rear door as these seats are arranged to face peoples who were sitting three in every row behind the driver of the bus.  It was about 20 kms left to reach his destination, and there was a junction approaching, but he saw his hand bag was fallen to the side of the driver, and the bus was supposed to take a left and proceed further to its journey, by the time, there was a milk lorry coming in the opposite direction, and there were a lot of Tamarind trees on both sides of the road, he saw the milk lorry and turned, his hand bag was fallen near to the driver seat which was kept on a bonnet of the bus inside, and he suddenly got up, holding one of the stems to take his bag, and in a fraction of time, there was a great sound and before his eyes about a 1 or 2cms away, there was a Tamarind Tree standing, left frontage of the bus was rammed to the Tamarind tree, there was great noise inside the bus from injured peoples, seats were jammed one after another, blood was scattered throughout the floor of the bus, two people sat beside him were thrown out of the bus, and battling for their lives as their bodies were beating, the 3 seaters were jammed, he was the one supposed to be killed first and foremost, but escaped without a small injury in his body, as there were a tense moments, and everybody was crying, he walked to the rear door and got down as in the front door was crushed and the conductor of the bus standing there was seriously injured and caught in the middle.  By the time, he was about 16 years old and moved away to catch up another bus and reached his hostel. If he injured then it should have been known to his family and friends but didn’t, and it was a great escape as he only knew its intensity of the danger he escaped, he thanked his Lord and Saviour as usual, remembering his Parents and elders of the Church who prays always before sending him out whenever he goes to the hostel. He didn’t find any purpose behind these sort of a dramatic situations as they were many people who are escaped and the Lord is protecting were his thoughts.
The Forest Flood that killed many and the Great Escape.
As time passes, he was studying in a College and in 1986, he was caught up in a forested flood and they were several people swept away by the speedy flood that killed, he was running and in this time too he escaped as usual, he thanked his Lord, and remembered his Parents who were away, praying and that’s the reason the Lord is protecting him but he never understand any specific purpose of God in his life as the time passes.
The Bomb Blast that killed almost 500 peoples and the Great Escape.
 He finished his studies and working and in one of the business trips, once he went to India’s commercial city Mumbai, in 1993, March 12, along with other two peoples he was walking from Mumbai Victoria Terminus to the Bombay Stock Exchange building, just to see the building which was the tallest building, and the other two people were new to the Mumbai city, so they had an early lunch and walking towards the BSE building and it is about a 10 meters away and few minutes left to reach the building, there was a terrible sound, hundreds of doves were flying away from the buildings and there was a smoke rising about the building and covered, and in a moment they were hundreds of injured people coming out, full of blood in their bodies, and in a fraction of time, the entire area became like a war hit area, they were more than 500 people were killed and the bodies were rolled down in the steps leading to the main hall of the BSE building, in this time too, he was escaped unhurt along with a two of his accompanies, and the one is still living in Abu Dhabi and another one have died.
As usual he prayed and thanked the Lord Jesus and remembered his Parents prayers and never think of a purpose of God in his life behind these accidents deaths as he came close to be killed three times.
The battle between stability and instability in the brain.
In 1993 while he was doing a business for the bread and butter, he came across a Christian believers who have a different doctrines and aggressively proselytising, and it was seemed to him as they were many denominations, but the doctrinal deviations are seemed so terrible, and there was someone who invited for the Bible study, and that’s where he realised the need to study the Bible extensively as a Result of more than three months studying and meditating the word of God, and one fine morning he felt in the head that there is a Spirit quenched and moving as a water wave moving from the point of stone when fallen in, and it continued few minutes to his shock, and he taken his hands close to the head and the Spirit slowly departing penetrating his hand and going away. He was so perplexed, and do not know what to think or what to do but firm in his faith on Christ as usual, and only hoped that there is something going to happen but not clear what it would be. On 22nd December 1993, by evening, he noticed his hair in the head seems so barren and dry, thus he applied an oil and felt discomfort while walking, and there was an unknown fear catching him up, and he realised that there is something in line to be happen, and the next day morning he came to the certain that there is an evil spirit working against him, and on realising he strengthened his faith further.
The Removal of the Spirit from the physical body and the Replacement of the Holy Spirit into the physical body in a fraction of time.
On 23rd December 1993, in the afternoon he felt in the head that there is a threat to the stability of the brain, he tried to keep it safe mentally but it seems his stability is restored and again after few seconds the instability is overpowering as it happened few minutes to his shocking, and fear, finally he felt that the instability goes beyond control as the time bomb countdown to be blasted, and suddenly he knelt and prayed, by calling upon the Lord Jesus Christ, and recalling his faith in an emergency prayer that
“thou have introduced the name Peter which my mother chose for me, it means rock and supposed to withstand, but now I feel that my brain is going to be collapsed or I’m going to be dead, but still I have faith that the Lord shall rescue me even from this point of death”
as he stand up and immediately, the Spirit departed from his head as the kite disconnects from the hand and leave away up in the air, at the same time, there was a Spirit of God entered into his body as an injection enters into the physical body, and led him near to the well which was beside his house, and the bucket of water was waiting, and he lifted some and poured out on his head, and there was a sound like click and the stability was restored back to normal as everything happened in a time of twinkling of an eye. He felt died and resurrected in a fraction of time and returned slowly from the well to his house in awe to himself not knowing what to say.
The Christmas 25th December 1993 and the Great Freedom.
The following Christmas season was his happiest moment in life, and he returns back to the house of his Parents, and there was a leading of the Lord on 25th December 1993 to remove a bundle of witchcraft that set before his house, and on seeing this as an unusual action, the family members were afraid and thought of their Son may be mentally disordered, and the rumour went out in their locations as nobody knows what he did but he himself doesn’t know but was led by the Spirit of God later it has been understood by him.
The Parents of this young boy and other family members were more concerned, and do not know what to do except a prayer for him, and taken to elders of the Church, and to various places for rest and in early 1994, he felt an unprecedented tired and taken to doctors, and after much diagnostic investigation doctors find no fault in his body, but gave some sedative tablets and he became an addict to those tablets and suffered, after more than six months once he recollected all that happened in his life, what was going on for the past over a year and he discovered the cause of his body weariness was due to his commitment, and a decision of various biblical subjects which are contrary to the mainstream Christian traditions. He stopped taking his medications despite a great challenge from the body weariness, and finally he prayed to the Lord Jesus, not to relieve from the weariness as he came to know it’s rooted from the devil and decided to fight to the end, and challenged to the devil, with an aggressive sense he rededicated himself to the biblical conclusions, and the same day he felt that something leaving from his physical body as reducing the burdens, and thereafter he thank the Lord and find himself free from all troubles both physically and mentally.
Over one year period of trouble, he closed his small business and return back to the house of his Parents as they were building a new house in another place to settle after their retirement, and he moved to the new house in a new location which is a small colony of more than a 50 houses dominated by the Hindus.
The Difference in Mainstream Christianity.
In the year 1995, he started to find a job nearby a city and goes every morning and return in the evening as he didn’t talk much to anybody in the new location except a few of his elders in the Church, the neighbours of his house were known him as a calm, reserved young boy who looks after his own business and that well respected. The Parents thought of him to have a marriage and started taking actions and conveyed to him but he declined to have a marriage due to his own understanding of the New Testament and stressed that the “marriage of this age” is prohibited by the Lord, and His Apostles according to Luke 20:34-36. There was a division in the family and most of the time there were a lot of heated arguments in the house over various biblical subjects. However, he shared his understanding of the Biblical subjects, but not forbid anybody to have a marriage citing it’s their wish and well. He declined so many proposals due to the failure of comparisons between him and to the brides that their Parents Proposed, and believed that God should have made someone born who should be comparable to himself in all aspects, and at an appropriate time God will bring such a woman to himself.
The family members were upset and find him different and his arguments were against all of the established truth of the Christian faith, and in the meantime, the family of the bride has abandoned the proposal of the marriage with him and organised a marriage with another bridegroom, and all of them were living in close locations. There was no Peace among the family members, and his ageing Parents were much worried about his life, and on the day of marriage came to the bride who had been considered for him, and he started going early away from the location to avoid an embarrassing situation by meeting peoples who shall gather to grace the occasion, though deep inside there is a sadness over missing a beautiful bride who is known to him for a long time, but he thought of the will of God, and it must prevail as he was very strong in his understanding of the word of the Lord over this age marriage in Luke 20:34-36.
The 1978 Dream came in Reality in the year 1996.
The same day evening he reached back to his house as usual, and everybody in the house went to the marriage, and there were some talks going on. The next day he finds little relax, forgetting the bride, her marriage and started to go to office little delay, and reached to the bus stop and there was none in the bus stop, as all of the office goers left with a regular bus. So, he was waiting for the bus to come, but to his surprise, the couple got married yesterday were coming towards the bus stop, and upon their arrival closely he wished her and the bride introduced him to her bridegroom. After brief talks, the bus came and he boarded a bus and after a brief journey, he prepared to get down from the from the door as people move from Rear to the front to get down. As he came close to the front, there was a woman got up from the front, looking at him as both of their faces were in contact for a while and he moved his eyes and got down from the bus and went his way.
The next day, he came to his usual bus stop almost half an hour delay, and this day too there was nobody in the bus stop as it’s not a usual time to go offices, as he was waiting, looking around, and they were a lot of houses in view of the bus stop, and he saw the same woman left her house, and walking towards the bus stop and came close to where he was standing. He was totally drawn by her appearance as both of them exchange a sharp look at each other in close distances, and the bus came and they left. The appearance of this woman started occupying the mind of this young man and both of them reaching to the bus stop every morning regularly, and talking about these young man and woman were a hot topic among the small colony peoples. It continued more than two months as she never comes to the bus stop unless this young man comes to the bus stop first. In a society where young man and woman looking at each other in a Public place would provoke a lot of comments and issues in South India which is divided by many castes, languages, cultures, and religions.
As his thoughts were occupied by the woman over a period of more than two months, he never knew her name or never intended to talk with her, nor he enquired about her with anybody in their village. One fine morning he was returning home after a regular morning walk as a lot of people walk to the east about a km and return back to the village, and one of the young boys approached and wished him a good morning who have never spoken to him earlier, he reciprocated and both of them joined and walking back to the village, and the young boy started praising him,
Sir, you are a very good man and disciplined, everybody in our colony is fond of you and respect you highly, the way you move around, and look after only your business, but I wanted to convey something very important to you,
then he said, okay, tell me what is it about?
The young boy said, about the girl you are meeting in the bus stop, she is our caste, a Hindu, but in our colony, nobody talks to her nor to her family, we do not have any relations with them. He was shocked for a while and asked further, what is her name and what is the issue with her?
But the young boy replied, sir, persons like you should not look at her as she is not deserved for you to have a look and talk, as he was narrating her eroded life, the memory of this young man gone to the dream he had nineteen years before in 1978, and then he took a diversion and to his home in a small colony, while he was returning to his home with a sense of shock and surprise, at the same time he recollected the purpose of God bringing him to the small colony was to meet her who is a replica of himself exactly, and Parallel to the story of a Samaritan Woman. She was so beautiful in a family of three children, and his father was working in a factory nearby, and somehow she was sexually exploited by a rich man who has been known to the village, and that the whole colony people are well aware, and her reputation and of the family were spoiled as in the culture and a society like of South India, it’s not men exploiters are caught up but only a poor, and a woman who are caught up and their families are isolated. The people around them used to mock her indirectly and use all sorts of derogatory words and completely disassociates them.
After a recollection of the past and certainty of the dream, he just remembered the day he met her in the bus stop as she wore a red collar saree, a long shoulder bag, a hair band on the head and her body structure were all absolutely comparable as appeared both in the dream and in reality are matched. He decided to talk to her and called up the next day over phone, and she agreed to meet in the same bus stop, and he reached to the bus stop as usual, and the woman along with her family members were waiting at their gate which is in view of the bus stop, and on seeing him reached the bus stop she left her home, and walking to him in the vicinity of the onlookers of the village who were all looking at both of them meeting, talking first time with a surprise and pathetically too towards the young boy.
She came decorated herself as a typical Hindu bride as they usually wear traditional costumes during the seasons of marriage, both of them wished each other, and she asked about his house as she knew some of his neighbours there as she was grown since childhood but he was a newcomer. He asked her, do you know who I’m? She nodded her face with a sense of unawareness, looking sharply at him.
She doesn’t know anything about him but he knew her even before 19 years in a dream and it came to reality matching her name, appearance, the colour of dress material, and other costumes have appeared as in a dream. The devil by motivating his disciples to exploit the beautiful girl during the days of her youth because of the fact that her bridegroom who had applied the creation law of God to eliminate the works of the devil, and that their lives were destroyed. But the word of Christ in Matthew 16:25 shall definitely come to pass at an appropriate time, and those who save their life by enjoying sexual pleasure by deceiving a woman has to spend his eternal life in the hell, but those who lost his life for the sake of God shall find eternal bliss which will be commenced in the kingdom of heaven.
The Purpose, the Plan and the Plight.
He realised the purpose of his life and a plan of God, applying the creation law of God in a day to day life, following Christ were his utmost desire ever since he realised the complexity of Religious traditions especially when comes to Judea Christianity which is the only true and tallest religion in the world.
The young Hindu woman knew that he came to know her life and reluctant to continue to talk with him, when he left her, he said to her that the fate has been playing in my life, and the discussion was short and most of the time she speaks less as he wanted to read with her about the story of a Samaritan woman in John 4, but there was no situation allowed, she knew him only a different and peculiar man as she shared with some other woman and it seemed she never forget him as she’s now living somewhere else in south India, but the fact of the matter is in the story of John 4, there was no indication about the Samaritan woman’s life mentioned anywhere in the New Testament. Therefore, he too does not follow her but maintains his life project aside but focus on following Christ which is a great job to be accomplished in view of the worldwide.
Therefore, if anybody apply the creation law of God in search of a fiancee, then the devil would exploit her in a way nobody understands the fact behind, but it would be made known to the concerned male well in advance as such in the history of the world, nobody has tried to apply the creation of law of God in search of his fiancee, and that the work of God was not known to anybody. If anybody tried then his fiancee would be made known to him and her life would become like a Samaritan woman by the disciples of the devil as it’s known through his life that he decided to eliminate the sexuality when he was about 11 years old, and at the same night in a dream his future life was brought to his knowledge, and the same came into reality after 19 years is a living proof of God of the Holy Bible existence. However, these sort of situations never happens to the western world due to its culture and traditions which are not as of the days of Christ and Apostles in Israel.
The Deception of the devil then and now but God of the Holy Bible is Great.
The devil introduced and imposed sexuality by deceiving Adam and Eve, the devil still deceives and destroy the life of anybody who determined to eliminate sexuality. Therefore, the Samaritan woman was not an adulteress but exploited and deceived by the disciples of the devil, being a woman it’s difficult to understand the works of the devil, but it’s known to the man who follows Christ and his journey shall only be climaxed when he meets his Lord in person.
Thus, in all of the days of his life he recollected since the days of his early remembrance and noticed that he took a decision to destroy the childbearing system and sexuality, due to its roots from the Devil in the garden of Eden, his life has been destroyed by the sexual exploitation of the female who had been born for him, and in the dream he came to know about his future encounter of the woman who has been born as a replica of himself, and he can’t imagine having a life with any other woman of the world because as per the creation law of God, every woman have been born in comparison to some man who had been born somewhere else in the world. Therefore, having a marriage with any other woman is unimaginable for such a person who knew the working of the creation law of a Great God.
Here, in this case, he had a dream in 1978, 19th July, thereafter he met an accident in 1983 but escaped and again a forested flood in 1986, this time too his life was protected, and in 1993, 12th March, bomb blast in Mumbai, his life was protected, and in all of these they were many people killed. If he caught in any one of the cases and killed then the dream would not have come into reality in his life, therefore, God of the Holy Bible has protected him, and his life has been programmed parallel to the life of the Son of God, his fiancee has been programmed parallel to the Samaritan woman for a greater purpose prior to the second coming of the Lord.
Therefore, his life is a catalyst for the greater role God has assigned for him to play in the world in accordance with the word of Christ in the New Testament by preparing the way for the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ as the Messiah. The Prevailing doctrine of mainstream Christianity prior to the second coming of the Lord is all against the instruction of the Lord and here are some important details has given below.,
Believers & Witnesses in the Post-Pentecostal scenario.
The early Apostles were all asked to wait in Jerusalem and the final instruction of the Lord is in Acts 1:8. “But ye shall receive power, after that, the Holy Ghost comes upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth.
Before, they launch their great commission they should have to become WITNESSES of the Lord Jesus Christ. Throughout the three and a half years ministry, these disciples were with a Lord and witnesses of what was spoken by him and what has been done by him but still, they are not complete witnesses of Jesus. Therefore, these disciples have to become witnesses only after the arrival of the Holy Spirit and indwell them. In the Post-Pentecostal scenario, one should have to be a witness of Jesus, and in the Pre-Pentecostal scenario, all of these disciples were believers of Jesus and their position has to become witnesses.
This same is applicable to the Christians who live prior to the second coming of the Lord, it has been obvious that the Christians were all believers of Jesus, throughout the world and embarked ministry for Christ without becoming witnesses of Jesus, and that they were numerous denominations has come up, and there is an estimation that counts more than 45 thousand denominations in Christianity. This is absolutely false and against the New Testament doctrines, therefore, believers must realize the need to become witnesses of Jesus rather than remains to be believers for so many years.
Similarly, they were so many false doctrines has been circulated by the believers of Jesus after the departure of the early Apostles, and up until now because of the fact that these believers don’t understand the words of Jesus, and embarked ministries for their own fame and name without becoming witnesses of Jesus. Remains to be believers during the Post-Pentecostal scenario is absolutely false. Few False doctrines of the Christian believers are given below.
Matthew 16:28, “Verily I say unto you, There be some standing here, which shall not taste of death, till they see the Son of man coming in his kingdom”.
There is false propaganda by the believers that this scripture was fulfilled when Jesus took Peter, James, and John to the Holy Mountain narrated in Matthew 17:1, but in reality, this scripture shall only being fulfilled just prior to the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. How does this scripture shall be fulfilled?
This scripture is being fulfilled when someone receives the Holy Spirit into the physical body, and it’s only possible by the “Result of reading the Holy Bible”, not Reading and preaching the word of God that would only divide and open for new denominations.  Thus, anybody received the Holy Spirit then the age of the Holy Spirit, and that’s since the day of Pentecost in 1st century to up until now, it’s almost 1985 years, thus the age of the Holy Spirit shall be applied to the person who received the Holy Spirit irrespective of his physical age, and he can claim to exist before 2000 years, as of the Lord who claimed to exist before Abraham, the gap of years between the Lord and Abraham is about 1800 years. Thus, a person who received the Holy Spirit in the 21st century can claim and prove that he exists in the 1st century as of now, they were Two witnesses exists in the world.
In Christianity, there is nobody claim to exist before 2000 years, that means there is nobody received the Holy Spirit into their physical bodies but believes that they received the Holy Spirit and indwells them, if it’s true then there is no need for them to be called as believers but would have called themselves as witnesses. Therefore, they can’t call themselves as witnesses but remains as believers, whereas a witness of Jesus might claim, and Prove, and there are witnesses in Christianity who haven’t recognized by the mainstream Christians, and that the fulfillment of Matthew 16:28 is yet to be explored to the masses.
The Two witnesses of Jesus are Two repented sinners, since their repentance is true, they would be indwelled by the Holy Spirit, their physical bodies are the temple of God, and that it’s impossible for any power to overcome them until an appropriate time comes as these Two People are called as Two Witnesses in Revelation 11 and the same Two People has been mentioned as “Some” in Matthew 16:28. Therefore, these two witnesses are the fulfillment of both the Gospels and the book of Revelation.
Those who decided to follow Christ in all aspects ever since they heard about the Story of the Holy Bible shall have to go through the path of the Lord Jesus Christ, and his own life shall be Parallel to the life of the Lord, and his family shall be like of the family of the Lord as Joseph, Mary, his Brothers and Sisters, his fiancee shall become like a Samaritan Woman, his location and the culture shall be like of the days of Lord in ancient Israel, he would not remain a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ but would become a witness of the Lord, fulfilling the word of Christ in the Holy Bible, especially, Matthew 16:28 in the midst of the false doctrines of the Christian world wherein nobody would receive the Holy Spirit, his life and the return of the Lord Jesus Christ are correlated, therefore, by his life the return of the Lord might be figured out, he and his companion are going to be the Two witnesses fulfilling Matthew 16:28 and Revelation 11. These Two Witnesses shall only be killed in Jerusalem as of the Lord, therefore, no power can destroy them anywhere in the world that’s a challenging proof for the existence of God.
These repetitions of the life of the Lord Jesus Christ is only happening in a culture like South India, wherein the social and religious divisions are similar to that of the days of the Lord in the 1st century Israel. The Family of the Two Witnesses are rooted in ancient Israel and their lineage connects the gap of the 21st century and back to the 1st century. The family of the Two Witnesses is mentioned in Revelation 12 is the same Family of Adam and Eve, the Family of Mary and Joseph. Since ninety percent of the journey of following the Lord Jesus Christ has been accomplished by the early Apostles, and the remaining 10% shall be accomplished by these Two Witnesses in line to the early Apostles. As of now, the Two Witnesses are living in South India, and at an appropriate time they would go to the forefront of the world, and the testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ shall be embarked in view of the world.
Therefore, the story of a Samaritan woman in the New Testament is an indication and confirmation to the follower of Jesus whose life is a replication of the life of the Lord, and his fiancee would be like of the Samaritan woman, and nothing to do with any other people of this world. It’s a waste of time for the scholars to meditate on the Samaritan woman’s story and even if they do then they would draw only a false perceptions on her, thus, the Samaritan Woman is not a Prostitute or an Adulteress but a woman of Victimised, isolated, her eroded life was the result of her bridegroom’s commitment to the kingdom of God as the Lord Jesus Christ, she had trapped in a sexual enslavement and during the course, she had affairs with six men as it was not her desire, but the situation would have taken her to that extent which nobody knows other than the Lord himself, nor the Samaritan woman herself as it brought a great agony for the Lord, and the same destiny would be placed on those who follow Christ and it’s restricted only to one person in the entire world. But, the climax of the world and the return of the Messiah is at hand that might be drawn when correlated with a life of the man’s true story.
William G.Peter

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