Work of the Holy Spirit


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God of the Holy Bible is one in Triune. The Father, Son and the Holy Spirit have distinct roles to play in human history. The role of the Father is very limited as He gave all authority to the Son, the Holy Spirit is a great gift bestowed to man so as to become like the Messiah, to become like the Messiah is to do what the Messiah did back then in view of the prevailing world as part of the testimony of the Messiah which would prepare a way for the return of the Messiah bringing this world to the climax.

Early Apostles were all did what the Messiah did however, there are few things that they didn’t therefore, the WORK OF THE HOLY SPIRIT is to begin where an early Apostles left off and accomplish what the Messiah did.

  • Apostles didn’t claim that their bodies are the Temple of God.
  • Apostles didn’t claim to exist before Abraham was, we exist.
  • Apostles didn’t challenge the power of death.
  • Apostles didn’t resurrect from the death.
  • Apostles didn’t ascend to heaven.

However, when the Holy Spirit enter into any Christian then he has every right to claim to exist before 2000 years as of the Messiah in John 8:58, and that Matthew 16:28 shall be fulfilled. The age of the Holy Spirit that’s since the day of Pentecost and up until now is exactly 1986 years which would be eventually applied to him who can claim as the Messiah did.

A Christian who received the Holy Spirit into his physical body becomes the Temple of God and challenge as the Messiah did in John 2:19. Since, his physical body is the temple of God that can’t be destroyed by even bullets, thus he challenges the Power of death by invoking Revelation 11:5.

A Christian who received the Holy Spirit shall only be called a witness of Jesus and shall only be killed in the streets of Jerusalem and resurrect after 3.5 days and ascend to heaven, so that the commandment “thou follow me” shall be fulfilled.

These are impossible to do by the believers who is not a witness, in fact a believer is not eligible to embark ministry for the Messiah. These are a prominent works of the Holy Spirit that shall be carried out in view of the whole world. This is only possible by SOME who were the root of the Family of king David and further rooted from Jacob, Isaac, Abraham, Noah, Adam & Eve.

Key scriptures:

  • John 8:58
  • Matthew 16:28
  • John 2:19
  • Revelation 11:5

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