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Our Mission

Testifying the Son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ, the Messiah who is a redeemer and saviour of the sinners from their sins and from their bondage of death, however we do not convert anybody from their respective positions but only testify the Messiah both in words and in deeds so as to make the world to know that only Jesus is the Messiah and there is none at any time and the God of the Holy Bible is exists.


Our focus is to have a Productive debates and discussions with scholars of all sections, Rabbis in Judaism, Christians, Atheists, Sceptics, Agnostics and both other Religions and Interested peoples.


God of the Holy Bible is a Spirit, if anybody doesn’t agree on the existence of the Spirit then they can consider consciousness or mind which nobody disagree its existence, thus the Spirit of God or Mind of God or Consciousness of God might Remove the Spirit of Man or Mind or Consciousness that is passed on from Parents from the Physical body and instead Replace with a Spirit or Mind or Consciousness of God into the physical body, turning a mortal man into an Immortal, so as to physically demonstrate God in the 21st century in a way the Messiah did back then.

The Witnesses of Jesus is just a two persons who have been born into the world as sinners, and believed in the Lord Jesus Christ, and finally become witnesses of Jesus, the Messiah.

Two Witnesses of the Messiah is that means, they are capable of claiming to exist before 2000 years, though physically they might be 40 or 50 years, if so then how is that they claim to exist before 2000 years?

Well, there is the Spirit of God or the Holy Spirit that descended upon the city of Jerusalem during 1st century, and exist for the past 1986 years, and the same Holy Spirit entered into the physical body of the believer and indwelling, turning him to be a witness of the Messiah, therefore, the age of the Holy Spirit that’s since the day of Pentecost/Shavuot and up until now is 1986 applied to him, and that he can claim to exist before 2000 years. This is in line with what the Messiah did back then in John 8:58.

What is the Evidence of the Holy Spirit entered into his physical body and indwelling?

Well, the temple of God is that the Most Holy One never dwells in buildings made up of stones, therefore, the physical body of the witness is the temple of God, and it can’t be destroyed by any power even bullets or weapons. This is also in line with what the Messiah did back then in John 2:19, thus the Two Witnesses are the temple of God and immune from any threats and death is the evidence that’s physically demonstrable objectively.